mPAD (Manufacturing Partnerships for African Development) is an invite-only Government and CEO-level forum.

A series of roundtable discussions, chaired by Industry CEO’s and Gov’t Officials, that address government policy and strategic-level industry topics, the roundtables host Government Agencies, EAC Officials, the KAM members, International Trade Departments and Export Councils as well as C-level Industrialists and Financiers.

The Manufacturing sector plays a catalytic role in a modern economy and has many dynamic benefits crucial for economic transformation.  In a typical advanced Country, the manufacturing sector is a leading sector in many respects.  It is an avenue for increasing productivity related to import replacement and export expansion, creating foreign exchange earning capacity; and raising employment and per capital income which causes unique consumption patterns. These round table discussions have been developed to generate discourse around solving the key issues facing the Kenyan manufacturing sector.  

The objective of these co-located sessions will be to increase local production, support job creation and ultimately stimulate the growth and diversification of the Kenyan economy.

*mPAD sessions are strictly by invitation only.  To request a place at these sessions, contact Russell Hughes.